Debugging Math

Instructions Debugging Math is a game to teach children the idea of addition by gamifying setting up problems.
o What all the objects on screen are On the screen you will see

1. The player, a green ant,
2. Little red bugs that mess with the math problem,
3. Several Glitch boxes,
4. Two red areas the player moves the boxes into,
5. A problem the player tries to copy,
6. A score, and
7. A timer. o What their behavior is supposed to be
1. The player moves around and can push boxes. They can also use force to shove nearby boxes.
2. The red bugs move around periodically and grab boxes messing up the problem.
3. The Glitch boxes go into the red boxes. They are what is being added up.
4. The problem at the time is automatically generated. Each time the player solves one a new one is created.
5. The score increases each time a problem is solved
6. A time counts down. When it reaches zero the game is over. o What the player’s controls are Tap to these keys to move
1. Up: W
2. Down: S
3. Left: A
4. Right: D The other thing you can do Force Shove the Closest Box:
5. Down: R
6. Up: E
7. Left: T
8. Right: Y
The player scores each time they solve a problem. o How the game ends, including win/lose conditions, if appropriate The game ends when the timer runs out. If the player has scored no points, they lose. Otherwise, the win.


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